Pool Maintenance

The following services are performed in the spring anytime from April 15 thru to early June, in order to maximize the usage of your pool.
Stage One 

  • Remove all debris from the top of the pool cover.
  • Bag all debris, and take to the street.
  • Clean the cover.
  • Fold the cover.
  • Drain the water bags.
  • Fold the water bags and store properly for the season.
  • Wash waterline area and general pool decking area.
  • Chlorinate pool water; check clarity. 

Stage Two  (Equipment Start-Up)
This service is performed after stage one once the water is clear, and the homeowner has added water to the mid-skimmer level.

  • Vacuum pool with Leisure’s pumps and filtration system, designed to maximize the life and efficiency of your equipment.
  • Activate homeowners’ filtration system.
  • Check plumbing and equipment for any leaks.
  • Add any further chlorine needed to ensure proper water balancing.

Stage Three  (Heater Start-Up)
This is the final stage of opening the pool.  Service includes:

  • Check heater for any damage or leaks.
  • Clean the heater, and light the pilot light.
Please contact the Leisure Pools of Toronto office for further details.
Stage One  
These services are performed in the fall, as soon as the homeowner is ready.  
  • Clean pool of any debris.
  • Decrease water level to the appropriate level for the winter.
  • Remove all necessary fittings from pool.
  • Blow out all water from water lines using our own equipment.
  • Ensure that all water is removed from all equipment (including heater, filter, pump) and piping.
  • Adjust water chemistry as required to maintain for winter.
  • Install winter cover, and bags if necessary.
Prices are based on 16x32 sized pools.

We will clean your cartridge filter and if needed recommend new filters for spring start up.
The most important feature of any pool is the cover—for safety and security, it should be in place at all times during the winter season.

We offer a large variety of winter covers, from the basic bag and tarp type, to the more elaborate mesh safety covers.

We offer safety covers (minimum 10 year warranty) in a variety of colours and material strengths.  These are true safety covers which can bear considerable weight.  The mesh allows only water to seep through, thereby eliminating any danger from standing water, and inhibits algae growth by blocking sunlight.  The solid cover combines the safety of the mesh, and provides a barrier against sunlight and dirt.  Please call the office for further information.

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