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Swimming Pools TorontoDespite the myth put out by concrete pool companies, or vinyl pool companies, fiberglass pools “do not pop out of the ground”.  How could something with 80 tons of water in it “pop” out of the ground?  In fact, any watertight object will float if there is more water under it, than in it.  Pools can only float when they are drained, and the water under the pool exerts upward pressure because there is no water in the pool.  Why would you need to drain a fiberglass pool?  Concrete pools need frequent draining to remove cracks, acid wash, clean stains, and re-plaster the pool.  Vinyl liner pools must be drained to replace liners, or repair liners.  Fiberglass pools carry a lifetime warranty and never need resurfacing, so there is no need to drain the pool.  So the end result is that many more concrete and vinyl pools float than fiberglass do.

For the many reasons listed below, fiberglass advantages far outweigh any other type of pool.

Speed of Installation
As your fiberglass swimming pool is shipped direct from the manufacturing facility, pre-made and ready for installation, you can be swimming in as little as ten days.  This is compared to a concrete pool that can take months to complete.

Smooth Finish
Fiberglass swimming pools have a smooth clean gel coat finish that is non-abrasive.  There are no sharp edges or rough finishes.  This is compared to some pebble pools that are so abrasive they can harm your skin.

Our fiberglass pools exceed the standards for shell thickness.  The high tensile strength of fiberglass will allow the pool shell to flex without cracking to accommodate any movement .

The surface of a Fiberglass Pool is smooth and non-porous, so that it cleans easily and is very stain resistant.  In addition, it looks great, too!

Great Designs
FIberglass Pools shapes are new designs and reflect today’s thinking and architectural trends.  This means there will be a Fiberglass Pool design to perfectly fit your home.

Colour Range
The colour of the water is very important; that is why Fiberglass Pools offers a number of colour finishes.

Right Choice
With Fiberglass Pools, what you see is what you get.  The swimming pool styles and sizes come off moulds, and cannot vary in any way.

Since salt chlorinators, chlorine, fresh water systems, and ozone systems all work wonderfully well with Fiberglass swimming pools, no matter what your choice is, it will be compatible.

A lifetime warranty is provided on the structure of the fiberglass swimming pool.  At best, a concrete swimming pool gets a 10 year warranty.  Do you want your pool to last longer than 10 years?
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Fiberglass Pools of Toronto

Why choose a Fiberglass Swimming Pool from Fiberglass Pools Toronto? 

We represent some of the world’s largest manufacturers of fiberglass swimming pools, with manufacturing plants serving the Canadian, Australian and United States markets. 

The manufactures of these Fiberglass Swimming Pools utilizes the latest internationally proven technologies to create pools that are superior in every way. 

The manufacturing processes use state-of-the-art equipment and technology, and are backed up by in-house research and development to constantly improve the standard of production. 

Versatility of colors, styles and sizes are unmatched by any poured-concrete pool company.


Owning your own swimming pool is an incredible experience. To many a pool shows prestige and luxury. To some a pool means more time with the family or another way for children to escape TV and video games in the summer. And for others, swimming in a pool is a great way to exercise.


You know your reasons for wanting a pool. But how do you get to the bottom line about the differences between an inground fiberglass pools, a gunite (concrete) pools or a vinyl lined pools?Swimming in a Fiberglass Pool


For you as the homeowner, no matter whether your home is large or small, there is a Leisure Pool style and size to suit your needs and budget perfectly.  Our pools feature an exclusively licensed ‘proprietary get coat’ that produces a shimmering and unique sparkle finish.  These colours were inspired by the dazzling hues of the Australian coastal waters, and will make you the envy of everyone 

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Fiberglass Swimming Pools
We can create a backyard oasis for you and your family. Specializing in fiberglass swimming pool installations and landscaping, Fiberglass Pools of Toronto is your one stop shop to create your own backyard retreat. Serving Toronto, Toronto East, Toronto West, Toronto North, Markham and the Durham region.
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